Scary is not happy with hunky Jake Quickenden after he posed nude in another magazine spread.

The X FACTOR Star, who finds it hard to keep his clothes on got a dressing down from the former Spice Girl after she discovered the new nudes, with fellow X Factor contestant Jack Walton.

‘I told you to keep your clothes on for at least one week,’ she said to the cheeky singer.

She decided to teach him a lesson by making him eat spicy chocolate. She called it ‘his punishment.’

To be honest, we would have thought whips and chains would have been better… But there you go.

Jake who is no stranger to getting nude in front of the camera shot back at Mel’s derision by saying, ‘I know Mel wasn’t too happy but I love getting naked.

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‘So who really cares what I do?’

See whether Jake manages to stay in the competition another week, after failing to impress the judges with his cover of She’s Like The Wind.

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X Factor continues tonight on ITV 1.

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