For sure, The Janoskians, a prankster group from Australia have said that they’d happily date The Vamps – and show them a good time!

If you look online gay fan fiction created by girls is rife – and the Janoskians, who have their single That’s What She Said out today, have their fair share of man-love fan fiction action too, so we had to ask the question, if they could date any other boy band who would it be and where would they go? This is how the conversation went down…

Beau: If I was gay… One Direction are really pretty, but we’re going to meet the Vamps in a
Luke: yeah, the Vamps
TheGayUK: So The Vamps for ease?
Beau: Yeah… Strapping young lads…
James: But there’s four of them yeah and five of us…
Jai: We can share one, we’re twins we can share
Luke: We’ll share the curly headed one
Jai: We can make curly haired babies.

And where would you take them?

Daniel: To bed.
Beau: Or backstage, you know what happens backstage at our shows!

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And we had to ask, who would be the MANBAND?

Beau: We’d definitely be the Man Band
Jai: Yeah 100%
Luke: We’re a bit older than them
Jai: We know how to take control
Daniel: A bit more experience…

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There you have it…

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