We always love us some Jennifer Hudson but even more so today after catching sight of her new music video called “I Still Love You.”

It is a heartwarming celebration of marriage equality which opens with a young gay man calling his father and getting only his answering machine.

He’s calling to remind him that today is his wedding day, and he’s marrying a man. But will he show up? In the father’s home, we see memorabilia from his military service and reminders of his son’s all-American upbringing.


Meanwhile, the young man, played by Brandon Crowder, gets ready for the big day with his fiancee, sharing snuggles and writing love messages on shower doors.

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At the end, the video concludes with a caption that reads, “Jennifer Hudson, W Hotels [where the video was filmed] and the Human Rights Campaign ask you to join your fellow Americans in support of marriage equality.”

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