Comedian and writer, Jimmy Fowlie has revealed what he’s doing for cash in 2019

We’re lining up to help him.

With a dollar hanging out of his undies, The Comeback star Jimmy Fowlie has joked that 2019 is all about the $$$. In fact, he’s made $2 in his brand new get rich scheme.


However, some fans were concerned that he had only managed to raise just $2. One commented, “what an amazing pic. I don’t understand why you only have 2 dollars… those should both be hundred dollar bills”. Another quipped “I have a nickle with your name on it”.

The Go-Go Boy Interrupted producer appeared in the picture, taken by renowned photographer Daveland wearing nothing but a pair of undies with a dollar bill poking out the top. He completed the look with a gold chain around his neck.

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We are so here for his new scheme.