Although you might want to ask the restaurateurs first

The Great British Sewing Bee presenter Joe Lycett has taken to social media to shine a spotlight on some of his favourite eateries, in an effort to get Britain eating out again.

Of course, you may have heard of the Government’s scheme to help the ailing hospitality industry called, Eat Out To Help Out which encourages the UK’s citizens to don its collective mask and go and eat out, (but stay home unless absolutely necessary) at restaurants, pub and cafes around the UK, which have signed up to its Eat Out scheme. The scheme offers would-be punters a whopping 50 per cent off their food bills (maximum £10 per person).

You can follow the online discourse by clicking on #EatOutToHelpOut.

Support local

Doing his part, Joe has highlighted some of his favourite eateries around the Birmingham area saying that Nandos “don’t need you right now”.

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However, it seems he has an issue with the campaign’s primary hashtag which is #EatOutToHelpOut calling it “discriminatory”. Instead, the comedian offered a number of other campaign slogans which may or may not whet your appetite, including

Eat Out Or Wank Off A Lad For Dinner, or Handjob And A Curry and our personal favourite Spaff And A Snack.

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We’re not entirely sure restaurateurs are going to be 100 on board with this… but you never know.

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