Self-professed gay icon wannabe, Katie Hopkins has deleted every tweet she’s ever written.

After it was revealed that Katie Hopkins and the Mail Online had “mutually agreed” not extend her contract, Katie Hopkins has deleted every tweet she’s ever sent on the Twitter platform.

The controversial columnist, former radio present and reality TV star has deleted all but some retweets following on from a bumpy 2017 – where she was sued by food writer Jack Monroe for libel, left her radio show on LBC and now seemingly quit the Mail Online.

It is not known why Hopkins deleted her entire catalogue of Tweets. The Mail Online issued a statement to Press Gazette saying, “Katie’s contract was not renewed by mutual consent.”

Following the news of Hopkins’ departure from the Mail Online, her name trended on Twitter.  As it stands her Twitter account is still active and she is followed by over 850,000 people.

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Hopkins’ left LBC in May 2017, following calls for a boycott of the station from Guardian writer, Owen Jones. He suggested that guests who contributed to the station should withdraw their services until the station removed Hopkins from its roster of presenters.

Following the suicide bombing in Manchester early this year, Katie Hopkins sent a series of tweets from her Twitter account, after a number of terror-related incidents were reported in the aftermath of the bombing. In one tweet she questioned whether it was “Ramadan” yet and called upon “Western men” to “stand up, demand action” and not to carry on as normal.

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Hopkins’ moved from writing for The Sun to the Mail Online in November 2015. During her time writing for both outlets, she drew a lot of criticism for her stance on immigration and Islam.

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