The alleged killer confided in the police about the heinous and gruesome crime.

A man, who has been dubbed a “cannibal killer” is fit to stand trial for the murder of a man he met on the gay dating app, Grindr.

According to police reports, Mark Latunski, 51, used Grindr to find and lure his victim to his home on Christmas Eve. His victim was a man called Kevin Bacon, a 25-year-old hairdresser and psychology student. Latunski’s legal team and his ex-wife have testified to a long history of mental illness.


Using the popular hookup app, Latunski allegedly lured Bacon to his home where he apparently took him to a “secret room”, outfitted as a BDSM dungeon according to the Daily Star, before apparently committing the gruesome slaying of the 25-year-old.

Latunski apparently told police that he stabbed Bacon in the back of the neck, twice. He then “strung” Bacon up by his ankles before slitting his throat, according to Michigan Live.

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According to a report by Michigan State Police Special 1st Lieutenant, David Kaiser, Latunski then removed his victim’s testicles, with a knife and ate them.

Committed numerous times

According to divorce papers filed by Emily, his former wife, Latunski has a long history of mental illness. Latunski’s defender, Douglas Corwin has stated that his client has been committed to hospitals numerous times over mental health concerns.

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Shiawassee County District Judge Ward Clarkson has, however, ruled that the accused, is “mentally competent for trial”.

The trial is set to commence on the 23rd October.

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