X Factor alumni and gay icon in the making – Kitty Brucknell has gone online to auction site, Ebay, to sell a Lady Gaga inspired costume jacket.

The #StayFearless Diva has listed a jacket she wore on the X Factor in 2011 during her live sing off, on the ITV show.

Writing on Ebay, Kitty said:

“Hi Divas, Lady Gaga fans, X Factor fans and everyone else! I’m selling this jacket off – that’s right, the one that I wore on my sing off on the X Factor and that I got hugged by Lady Gaga in.

This has so many memories for me – but it’s time for it to go to a treasured home. I am trying to raise some money for a friend to go on holiday – she has had a really tough time recently and really deserves it. So although it’s not really for a “charity” as such – it’s all going to a good cause!

I’m really hoping this will raise lots and lots of money!”

The jacket’s current bid is £26.00 and the auction ends on 12th April.

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