Porn King, Larry Flynt has revealed that his search for information that could lead to the impeachment and removal of President Trump is getting “Interesting”.

Larry Flynt has advertised that he will give away $10million in a public campaign to anyone who can offer up information that leads to the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump from office. The Hustler magazine founder called the 45th President “illegitimate”.


Taking to his Twitter account, Flynt today wrote, “Things are getting interesting… Let me know if you got the goods! Hotline: 800-251-2714 or – LET’S DO THIS”

Over the weekend Flynt launched a campaign to find information that can lead to the impeachment of a president he has called “illegitimate” before slamming the US’s electoral system as “antiquated”.


The ad reads,

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Larry Flynt and the Hustler(R) Magazine announce a cash offer of up to $10 million for the information leading to the impeachment and removal from office of Donald J. Trump.

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