Tonight two celebrities get to grips with the mighty Cube: twinkle toed rugby star Ben Cohen gives it his best try, and has the Cube met its match in EastEnders’ bad girl Charlie Brooks?

LGBT Ally Ben Cohen is to star in tonight’s episode of The Cube on ITV1. Ben’s foundation, the StandUp Foundation fights to make bullying a thing of the past. It was started after his father was savagely killed.

Speaking to TheGayUK in an interview in 2012, Ben Cohen said, ‘Basically, the road to where I am today, in many different respects is because, I got a phone call on Friday the 13th of all days and my dad had basically been beaten within an inch of his life protecting someone at a nightclub my brother owned. To cut a very long story short, he died a month later of his injuries. Stand Up day is now on November 14th, the day my dad died.

‘The day I announced that I was doing a cause, my fan page went up by 10,000 people instantly so the support is there and it’s needed because there is nobody else doing this. Having a cause and being nice to look at is a bonus really. It’s not about supporting me as a sex symbol, it’s about supporting the cause.’

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Ben Cohen is also well loved for his Underwear and Calendar shoots.


Philip Schofield is presenting the show, which is on from 9PM.