LISTEN: UK Man Loses Entire Family After He Comes Out As Gay

26th October 2015 0 By News Desk

A caller to a radio station talks about how he lost everything when he came out as gay to his Jehovah Witnesses family.

A caller to LBC spoke about how he lost everything within 24 hours after he came out to his parents. The man called James, spoke about how his entire family “disowned” him because of their religious beliefs. He and his family are Jehovah Witnesses.

James’s heart wrenching call also revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his mother in 4 years after he came out to her. Whilst he was recovering in a psychiatric hospital she phoned him one night to ask if he was gay.
After he said that he was gay, his mother said,

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“Well I’ll always love you, but, if you ever have a boyfriend, you know we can never see you again and you will be disowned.”

He said that although he still lives in the same town as his family, if they see him about, they stop whatever they are doing and walk away.