New pictures have been published of a man brutally murdered by being thrown off a high structure in Syria.

Yet another man plunges to his death after so-called Islamic State murder a man they accused of being gay, in a attempt to eradicate homosexuality from Syria.


The four pictures show a crowd of people waiting below the structure that looks like a silo. The bound man, dressed in white, who also has his head covered, is then executed by being pushed off the building. Three masked IS fighters are seen pushing him.

His lifeless body is pictured at the foot of the structure.

Warning the pictures below are graphic.


A number of similar executions have taken place in 2015. Each time pictures of the victims are released via social media. TheGayUK have not been able to verify the authenticity of these pictures. However they have been tweeted by a group, which is leading a campaign to expose the cruelty subjected by, IS militants on the people of Syria.

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