Marcus Collins

Sexy Liverpudlian Marcus Collins has got his do did and he’s looking fly.

Marcus Collins
CREDIT: Marcus Collin / Instagram


The “Seven Nation Army” singer, Marcus Collins has just gone and got himself a fine haircut and he’s looking hot AF.

It seems that Marcus is a fan of the buzz cut look, which has always been a favourite of ours, just take a look our top list of Hollywood’s sexiest buzz cuts for all the proof that you need.

In fact, we might just have to add Marcus to that list.

Marcus Collins
CREDIT: Monty McKinnen

Marcus with a longer look and side buzz.


Until recently Marcus was the lead of the hit London musical Kinky Boots and became, over his stint, one of the most finely honed drag queens in the UK, but since leaving the show he’s been getting the UK newspapers’ knickers in a twist by seemingly suggesting, but not, that the X Factor was/is fixed.

Anyways, Marcus if could ship the leftover clippings from your haircut, we’ll add them to the shrine. (Creepy, too creepy)