American actor Mark Ruffalo has apologised to the trans community after a backlash against the casting of Matt Bomer in a new transgender movie Anything.

Mark Ruffalo
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The Normal Heart actor Mark Ruffalo has apologised for causing ‘pain’ after casting openly gay actor Matt Bomer in his new movie, Anything, in which he plays a transgender sex-worker.


Trans advocates have criticised the casting decision of a cis-gender actor playing a trans character.

Actor Jen Richards suggested that having a cis-gender male playing a male to female transgender character reinforced the notion that trans women are “still really just men”


Taking to Twitter Ruffalo, who is an executive producer of the film, said that he could “hear” the criticism over casting a CIS male actor and that it was time to have the “conversation”.

He defended his decision to cast Bomer after bonding with him in a “profound experience” he had with the actor during the filming of The Normal Heart.


A petition, by Hannah Howard, has been created calling for the producers not to release the film, saying,

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“The practice of using cisgender male actors to portray transgender women and trans femmes isn’t just about erasure, or about depriving transgender actresses of roles they ought to get.

It directly leads to violence against the most vulnerable in our community, particularly transgender women of color and trans femmes of color.”

The petition’s creator has said that if the film is released that the petition will turn into a boycott petition of the film.  So far there are 537 supporters.


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