Mark Wahlberg wasn’t as sexy as Graham Norton hoped

21st July 2013 0 By News Desk

Graham Norton tells TV Magazine that the Hollywood A-Lister Mark Wahlberg wasn’t as sexy as he hoped.

Speaking to TV Magazine, Graham Norton talked about having an apparently drunken 42-year-old Wahlberg on his show was not exactly what he expected.

Norton remarked that he used to have a crush on Wahlberg, but didn’t find the moment that the Boogie Nights actor sat on his lap and tweeked his nipple enjoyable.

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‘I once had a photo of him where a dog’s pulling down his underwear and, if someone had told me then that one day he’d sit on my knee and pinch my nipple, my head would’ve exploded.

‘I guess I’m not really that into crushes any more. That’s a sign of being 50 – I’ve stopped noticing people!’