Markus Feehily And Richard Bacon
CREDIT: Huffington Post

Ex- Westlife singer Markus Feehily has spoken about why he took so long to come out as gay.

Markus Feehily And Richard Bacon
CREDIT: Huffington Post

Speaking to The Huffington Post, ex-Westlife singer Markus Feehily has spoken out about how lonely he felt in keeping his sexuality a secret whilst in the record breaking group.

Today, Monday 8 February 2016, The Huffington Post UK launches the first two episodes of a brand new HuffPost UK Original series ‘30 Something With Richard Bacon’ featuring actor, television presenter and radio DJ, Reggie Yates and former Westlife singer, Markus Feehily.  

Speaking about his loneliness Feehily said,

“I felt alone because I couldn’t share with anybody. It kind of felt like I had this big secret, when it was actually nothing. But that’s what it felt like to me.”

“I spent way too long caring about what other people thought, that’s why I stayed in the closet for a long time and had some very dark years for a while there. And now Westlife has finished, I’m free to do whatever I want.” 

Marcus eventually came out in an interview with The Sun in 2005, six years after the group’s first hit.

Markus Feehily
CREDIT: Huffington Post

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