42-Year-Old actor, Matt Damon looks hot as Entertainment Weekly unveils semi-naked pictures from new movie Elysium.

Matt Damon has certainly hit the gym of late – displaying his rock hard abs in the forthcoming sci-fi movie Elysium.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, about his character Max, Matt said: “We wanted him to look a certain way so I had to keep up a workout regimen,”

This was made even more necessary by the addition of the “hulk-suit,” a technologically advanced exoskeleton that makes Damon’s character stronger and faster. While the rig is meant to enhance Max’s physical capabilities, in real life, it meant Damon had to work out even more. “It’s kind of like wearing one of those old Bo Jackson weight vests,” says Damon. “It’s really insidious trying to carry extra weight even if you’re in shape. You just really need a pretty strong core or you can get injured pretty easily, particularly at my age.”


Elysium, a cerebral sci-fi action film from Neill Blomkamp, the man behind 2009′s extra-terrestrial apartheid hit District 9 is out this August