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Is it right that Transport For London is banning all junk food ads from across London’s transport network to reduce child obesity?

POLL DATE 23/10/18

66% Yes the right move

34% No it’s not up to TFL

Are you in a job you dreamt of doing as a child?

POLL DATE: 20/11/18

01% Yes and hating it

19% No but hope to one day

22% Yes and loving it

58% No, never going to happen

Do you smoke?

POLL DATE: 17/11/18

07% Vape

21% Cigarettes, pipes or cigars

24% Have quit

48% Never smoked

Would you change your sexuality if you could?

POLL DATE 25/10/18

80% Perfect the way I am

13% Not Sure

07% I’d change it

Do you believe in No Platforming?

POLL DATE 21/10/18

54% YES

46% NO

Should schools continue to teach Religious Studies?

POLL DATE 9/09/18

46% Continue to offer it

39% Should be removed

15% Not Sure

Would you holiday in a country where it’s technically illegal to be gay?

POLL DATE: 15/03/2018

77% No

12% Yes

11% Maybe

What do you think about the term queer as an umbrella term for LGBTs

POLL DATE: 17th July 2017

40% Appropriate

60% Inappropriate

Is it right that non-LGBT orgs like the BBC, National Theatre, Tate and the National Trust use the term “Queer” for their programming?

POLL DATE: 19th July 2017

47% Appropriate

53% Not Appropriate

Do you agree with the policy of No-Platforming for people whose opinions might be considered hateful or unprogressive?

POLL DATE: 21st May 2017

45% YES

36% NO


What terminology do you prefer to refer to the gay and bisexual male community?

POLL DATE: 7th June 2018

75% Gay and bisexual men

11% Men who have sex with men / MSM

13% Queer men

POLL DATE: 7th April 2017

80% Gay and bisexual men

13% Men who have sex with men / MSM

07% Queer men

What terminology do you prefer to refer to the lesbian and bisexual female  community?

POLL DATE: 3rd June 2019

56% Lesbian and Bi Women

22% Gay Women

11% LBTQ Women

11% Queer women


What do you think of the term Men Who Have Sex With Men / MSM

POLL DATE: 8th April 2017

44% Too clinical

31% Adds to gay and bisexual erasure

16% You wouldn’t say, “Men Who Have With Women”

09% Negates other gay/bisexual struggles

Are you out at work?

POLL DATE: 20/02/17

79% YES

21% NO

Would you kiss your same-sex partner in a “straight pub”

POLL DATE: 18/02/17

60% YES

40% NO

Would you rather a million laughs or million pounds?

POLL DATE: 2/12/16

59% Million pounds

49% Million laughs

What do you think about the increased use of the word “Queer” to describe LGBT+ people?

POLL DATE: 24/09/2016

39% I don’t like it

33% I like it

28% Not sure yet

If you found out that your best friend was being cheated on would tell them?

POLL DATE: 2/12/2016

61% Yes

17% Confront the partner

16% Not sure

06% No

Do you think gay bars and clubs are under threat of terror attacks?

POLL DATE: 25/07/2016

36% More so than regular bars

33% About the same as others

26% A little more threat

05% No threat

Has the Orlando massacre made you nervous about going out on the scene?

POLL DATE: 14/06/2016

77% No, don’t let hate win

23% Yes, afraid for my safety

Do we drink too much?

POLL DATE: 5/05/2016

43% Just a social drink

31% Drink way too much

14% Birthdays and NYE only

12% Sober Suzy

Are body piercings hot?

POLL DATE: 6/05/2016

53% So not hot

47% Way hot


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