We Are Gay UK




What Britain’s LGBT+ community think about sex.

Which part of the body to look a first of someone you might fancy?

POLL DATE: 07/09/18

42% The Eyes

23%  The Butt

19% The Chest

16% The Package

Single or Partnered Are you?

POLL DATE: 02/02/19

46% Partnered

32 % Single and Looking

20% Single and not looking

02% Partnered by ending it

Are men more attractive with beards?

POLL DATE: 15/11/18

41% NO

59% YES

Have you ever found love on a dating app?

POLL DATE 21/11/18

10% Yes, it last 5 minutes

25% No, never use them

29% No, only hook ups

36% Yes, still together

How many dates should you wait before having sex?

POLL DATE 30/10/18

41% First date

33% At least two

18% Three to Five

08% Five or more

Have you ever witnessed anyone watching porn on public transport?

POLL DATE 23/10/18

66% Never seen it

34% Yes I Have

Are you comfortable in your own skin and being naked around other people?

POLL DATE: 11/09/2018

45% Comfortable being naked

38% On my own is fine

17% Clothing is a must

Do you use poppers during sex?

POLL DATE: 08/04/2018

43% Never used them

48% Nope, but have tried

10% Yes, regularly

9% Yes, Less often.

How long do you wait before having sex with someone you’re dating?

POLL DATE: 24/01/2017

40% First date

37% Second or third date

11% A month

12% Over a month

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

POLL DATE: 3/12/2016

40% 16-19 years old

29% Under 16

27% 20-30 years old

04% 30+

Do you use a sex toy?

POLL DATE: 30/04/2016

53% Sometimes

37% Never used one

06% Just once, wasn’t for me

04% All the time