The finely manicured nails are out as Michelle Visage slams Katie Hopkins for siding with Dolce And Gabbana.

Calling the wannabe gay icon out on siding with the controversial designers Dolce and Gabbana, Michelle Visage has blasted Katie Hopkins saying that there is no way the former Apprentice star could be a gay icon. Earlier in the year Dolce And Gabbana made derisory comments about same-sex parenting and children born via IVF treatments.

Katie Hopkins claimed that the gay community was being “intolerant” over the D&G boycott.

However Drag Race judge Michelle Visage has something to say about her former friend’s thoughts on everything from Dolce And Gabbana to the holocaust.

Speaking to THEGAYUK she said,

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“You can’t say you want to be a gay icon on one hand and then support Dolce and Gabbana on the other.

“It just doesn’t make sense. And the Holocaust comments, the immigration comments, it’s just too much for me.”

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This past week Katie Hopkins faced an awkward situation after being booked to speak at an event at Brunel University. When she started to speak most of the students stood up and turned their backs on her. When she had finished and they were invited to take their seats – the majority walked out.
Katie Hopkins is on record in saying that it is her aim to become a gay icon.

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