MP CHRIS BRYANT: Rhondda Pride org hasn’t “thought this through”

The MP for Rhondda, Chris Bryant has called for pride in Rhondda to be done “properly”

The openly gay MP for Rhondda in Wales, Chris Bryant has made a statement suggesting that the organisers of the Rhondda pride event, which has faced a backlash due to its policy of excluding various communities from its event, haven’t thought through their policy.

He wrote in a Facebook post,

“If I’m truly honest, I don’t think the organisers, whoever they are, have really thought this through. It seems a bit self-defeating already and bizarre not to have involved the Rhondda MP who happens to be gay.”

The MP also said that he was concerned that the fallout from the exclusionary policy would make people believe that Rhondda was as an unwelcoming place. Which he said  “couldn’t be further from the truth”

He finished his message by saying that there will be a Rhondda Pride – but added, “let’s do it properly!”

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