Oh those clever bods at Superdrug have worked out how many calories you can burn during sex, if of course, you’re having sex.

Let’s say you and your boyfriend or FWB (friend with benefits) are 12 stone and do 10 minutes of doggie, 12 minutes of legs in the air, 8 minutes of reverse cowboy and end with a spectacular 3 minutes of holding your partner up, you could have burned off 142 calories for your 33 minutes of activity, not bad eh?

Want some advice on how to spice up some of your positions, check out these bad boys (NSFW)

That’s the equivalent of running 1.24 miles, 25 minutes of dancing or 37 minutes of yoga. I think we all know what we’d prefer doing.According to the website,

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“Superdrug Online Doctors commissioned (Fractl) to investigate how people can use sex as a form of exercise. To determine the extensive list of positions – including their unconventional names and respective calorie counts for both partners – we reviewed “The Position of the Day Playbook” from Nerve.com. To add to its methodology, which lacked any reference to the duration of activity or weight of the individuals, we did further research on positions and calories burned.”

Now in our quick survey of the calories burned, it turns out that the receptive partner or the bottom actually usually burns less calories. So to keep up the calorie count, bottoms, prepare to go 2.0 Power-bottom and do more energetic positions like squatting, the cowboy and a bit of a lap dance.