Newly Out Gus Kenworthy Answers The Age Old Question “Who’s The Woman” Perfectly

It’s one of the questions most gay men hate to hear and newly out Olympian Gus Kenworthy has answered it perfectly.

“Which one of you is the woman,” is the question that makes many gay men’s teeth grind. However Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who came out as gay last week managed to answer it perfectly in just 140 characters on Twitter.

Responding to a question by @MmmPrexton, who asked,

“Are you the man or the woman in the relationship? That’s all I need to know right now.”

Twenty four-year-old Kenworthy shot back with,

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“In a relationship I am the man. As is the other man. I’m gay. Not trying to emulate a heterosexual relationship.”

Kenworthy came out in an interview with ESPN magazine last week. He started the interview by saying, “I guess I should start by saying, ‘I’m gay.’”

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