With new HIV cases on the rise in young gay men it’s great to hear some encouraging news coming from researchers about new drugs which have been helping to part cure HIV infections amongst early detection cases.

CREDIT:  © rbhavana Depositphotos
CREDIT: © rbhavana Depositphotos

Tests were carries out on 14 people who were all newly infected HIV cases. The drug works on stopping the spread of the HIV virus in the body and after three years of taking the drug, 1 in 10 patients found they no longer needed to take any prescription drugs.

These 10% of patients although not completely cured of the HIV, did show signs of a dormant virus that required no other attention or drugs. Further examination is required to find out if at some future date the virus would start to re-spread and also why only a low percentage of patients saw the virus go into remission but for now its another open path to finding a cure one day.

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It may seem like a small step in the combat against the virus but it’s another jigsaw piece of good news since the reports of a US girl being effectively cured after early treatments. It is however only a small help to those who are diagnosed early on, which again urges us to be more responsible with our sexual practices and to be regularly tested if putting ourselves into unsafe situations.