Musical theatre producer Amy Anzel comes under heavy criticism after ‘gay’ comments on Channel 4’s Sound Of Musicals

Actress turned first-time producer Amy Anzel came under heavy criticism from Twitter users and industry professionals last night after the Channel 4 programme, Sound Of Musicals, aired comments from her towards an auditionee of her forthcoming production Happy Days – The Musical, about his sexuality.

Openly gay actor and TV Star John Barrowman Tweeted:

Holly S**t! Did Amy Anzul [sic] actually say that about Gay’s “I love my Gays, Strip away the Gay” #soundofmusicals jb

Amy Anzel, who is currently producing a musical based on the hit TV show Happy Days came under intense criticism after she asked a dancer to ‘Strip away the gay’ before asking the unnamed dancer whether he was, in fact, gay on national TV.

Actor Layton Williams who has starred in Billy Elliot and Thriller Live tweeted about Anzel’s comments saying:

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“I love the gays, but can you lose the gay, you are gay aren’t you” – I think what she meant was… Can you butch it up!!!

Happy Days is about to embark on a 24 venue UK Tour and stars former Sugababe Heidi Range, Emmerdale actor Ben Freeman and Eurovision favourite Cheryl Baker.

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The show also featured the openly gay impresario Sir Cameron Mackintosh, who was producing a new version of the show Barnum. Mackintosh was listed 4th on the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List in 2006.

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