A US-based “gay cure” organisation, PFOX.org has bought ad space on a billboard in Virginia, which proclaims no one is born gay.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays have bought billboard ad space in Richmond, VA, that say that gay people aren’t born that way.

Writing on their website PFOX states,


“Identical twins have the same genes or DNA. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions. If homosexuality is caused by genetics or prenatal conditions and one twin is gay, the co-twin should also be gay … because identical twins are always genetically identical, homosexuality cannot be genetically dictated. No-one is born gay.”

According to their website, thousands of individuals have made the decision to leave ‘the homosexual life’ and can confirm that change is possible.

So-called ‘gay cures’ have long been debunked by doctors and scientists. Last year Doctor Christian Jessen filmed a documentary for Channel 4, where he uncovered various treatments to ‘cure’ homosexuality. All of which he found to be useless, and with no scientific proof that they worked.


Gay cure can range from reparative therapy to ‘shock’ treatments. In July a man who was ‘treated’ for homosexuality in the 1970s, talked to the BBC about his ordeal administered by the NHS and the damage it had done to his life. The 69-year-old said the treatment had made him feel that he was, ‘going to pass from this life without ever having a full relationship with a human being.’

A statement from Jamie Machut, Vice President of Lamar Advertising Company, the owners of the billboard responded to criticism about allowing the advertisement saying,

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“There are no plans for billboard to come down,

“Please keep in mind that the advertising is a message from PFOX and not Lamar Advertising Company. We support the First Amendment right of advertisers and believe that it is in the best interest of our company and the communities we serve to accept advertising copy openly.”

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