Steve Strange one of the leading lights of the 1980’s new wave/punk music scene and a prominent promoter in London’s vibrant nightclub scene, has died at the age of 55.

Strange was the lead singer and frontman of the group Visage who were closely linked to the burgeoning ‘New Romantic’ fashion movement of that period, and who were best know for their hit ‘Fade to Grey’. He and fellow band member Rusty Egan also hosted nights at the celebrated Blitz Club in Covent Garden, one of the ‘hot’ spots to be seen and hear the new music that was emerging. From there they parlayed their success into packed nights at Camden Palace which people still talk about today with such great affection. They were both members of the extraordinary colourful set that fellow member Boy George captured in his autobiographical show Taboo.

In Blizted! his own very candid autobiography Strange made it known that he had relationships with both men and women, and wrote very open and frankly of his long battle with his heroin addiction.


Boy George tweeted he was ‘heartbroken’ about the death of Strange adding, “he was such a big part of my life”. It’s a sentiment shared by all of us who grew up and/or ‘came out’ during that glorious time when people like Strange were real life stars and not just ‘reality’ ones.

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Steve Strange (Steven John Harrington) 28th May 1959 – 12th February 2015

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