Despite having the highest concentration of gay pubs and bars in the UK, London’s iconic Old Compton Street missed out in’s 200 of the greatest gay bars in the world.

Stalwart venues such as Soho’s Ku Bar, Admiral Duncan and Molly Moggs missed out to a bar in Dalston and Vauxhall in OutTraveler’s top 200 bars of the world.

The top 200 lists only venues in the UK, 7 in England and 2 in Scotland. Despite there being over 50 venues in London, the list included just 4 bars including, Dalston Superstore, Fire, Heaven and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, snubbing all venues in Old Compton Street.


Brighton’s iconic scene was awarded just one venue, Revenge and Manchester’s Canal Street, in its entirety was given a special mention.

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The OutTraveler editors wrote,

“As with any list, it’s impossible to be definitive. We’ve taken nominations, suggestions, polled friends and experts around the world, and even done a bit of on-the-ground research. We’ve also tried to arrive at a list that satisfies everyone from a pierced and leather-clad cub to a skinny, go-go boy wannabe. But we’re sure that this will only stoke the fires of debate.”

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