Tom Bosworth

Speaking to THEGAYUK, Olympic gold hopeful Tom Bosworth revealed that he hated PE at school after fellow students found out that he was gay.

Tom Bosworth


Openly gay Olympic gold hopeful, Tom Bosworth, 26, has told THEGAYUK that he hated physical education at school and always tried to get out of doing the subject. He said that his time at school was an easy time to be targeted by bullies.


Despite his hate of the subject – Tom has gone on to be one of Britain’s most successful athletes competing in his sport, Race Walking at the Commonwealth Games, the European Race Walking Cup, the World Championships and the World Race Walking Cup.

“Some people found out that I was gay at school. I hated, hated PE and always tried to get out of it.

“(I) Never did any sport in school because it was a very easy time to be targeted by bullies and so that was something I avoided greatly.”

Confiding in how he found his love for Race walking he said,

“My parents took me to a number of sports clubs outside of school because I liked doing sport, I liked being active, I had a lot of energy so I’m really glad they did that.

“I could just be myself and nobody knew much about me, I just made some friends and almost felt like I had another life, an escape route really from school.

“I loved going training. I guess that enjoyment is why I did it for so long. Then it helps when you start winning.”

Tom Bosworth will be competing at the Olympics on the 12th August in the Men’s 20KM walk.


Speaking in an interview with THEGAYUK, Tom also revealed that he was planning to pop the question to his long-term boyfriend if all went well on the track. He told the magazine’s editor that if they had the right ring at Heathrow he’d make an “honest man” out of his boyfriend.


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