Owen Jones has confirmed that he is celebrating that LBC and Katie Hopkins have parted company.

What does Owen Jones think about Katie Hopkins
Owen Jones celebrates the departure of Katie Hopkins from radio station LBC

Following the news that Katie Hopkins will no longer be on the presenting roster of radio station LBC, Owen Jones that has made it clear that he’s “absolutely gloating over Katie Hopkins’ sacking”.


Katie Hopkins has not yet spoken about her removal from service and it has not been confirmed that Ms Hopkins has been fired or sacked.

The move to remove Hopkins from the LBC schedule follows on from a boycott call from Guardian writer, Owen Jones, who suggested that guests who contribute to the station should withdraw their services until the station removed Hopkins from its roster of presenters.

Following the suicide bombing in Manchester on Monday, Katie Hopkins sent a series of tweets from her Twitter account, after a number of terror-related incidents were reported after the fatal attack on Manchester Arena. In one tweet she questioned whether it was “Ramadan” and called upon “Western men” to “stand up, demand action” and not to carry on as normal.


Taking to Twitter Mr Jones said, “we stood against hatred, and, this time, we won”.

He added that no one should try and say that the departure of Ms Hopkins should be seen as an “attack on free speech” as Ms Hopkins could “keep freely spouting her hatred, and tragically will”,




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