Hostess with the most-est and former GAYUK cover star PAM ANN has hijacked a plane to deliver drugs to the Hamptons.

Biatches, this is the only way to fly.

Watch as Pam Ann steals a StndAIR plane, slams another, thinner stewardess, removes a butt plug and drink wine, when her pilot is delayed. Sounds like a standard trip to Marbella on RyanAir.

Accompanied only by her blowup doll, she shows the world at what a true class icon of the skies she truly is.

SHAKES ON A PLANE: Pam takes control of the twin engine sea plane. (file photo)
Speaking about her mile-high romp Pam said,

“Whenever I fly out to the eastern reaches of Long Island, I always take my trusty seaplane, StndAIR. For one thing, it’s a super convenient 45 minute flight. And for another, the plane is mine! So why not?”


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Owned by André Balazs’ Standard hotels, StndAIR offers flights to and from East Hampton and Shelter Island in a bright red Cessna 208 on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays and Mondays. Fitting up to eight people in a multi-windowed cabin, flights take 45 minutes, starting at $550, one way. The service is available to all, for reservations please see

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