If there’s one thing that’ll tug at the nation’s heart strings it’s celebrities with animals.

First there was Rolf Harris with ‘Animal Hospital’, Dale Winton with ‘Pets Win Prizes’ and now the multi talented Paul O’Grady with his new show ‘For The Love Of Dogs’.

‘There’s something you should know about me before we embark on this journey together. I am crazy about animals. I’ve got pigs, nine sheep, eight chickens and last but definitely not least, my dogs. Oh, how I love dogs. I can’t imagine life without a dog – forget it!’ Said Paul.


The show explores the world of Battersea dogs home and the wonderful work they do. Full of O’Grady’s dry wit woven between the heart moving stories of abandoned and sometimes abused dogs, will Mr O’Grady be able to resist taking his work home with him?



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‘Today is my first day with the team at Battersea and I just have to remember one thing. There’s no room at the O’Grady household for any more animals… Don’t let me have anything – no matter how much I plead and beg.’


There’s only one problem Paul I have with this show. You built up my hopes telling me all about little ‘Bonzo’ and how he needs adopting, then in the same episode you let that Dr Neil Fox take him home. Gutted I was!


Watch the next episode of For The Love Of Dogs tonight on ITV1 at 8PM.