People think that TV Star Mark Wright has stuffed his pants with socks

We’re not so sure.

TV star Mark Wright has uploaded a stunning picture of him on a ski slope wearing nothing but a tiny pair of undies – which has gotten some of his fans questioning the size of his package.

The former Only Way Is Essex star who was plugging his new show, The Bachelor, on Channel 5, looked hunky as he showed off his muscular body, while surrounding by the picturesque ski resort of Val Thorens, the highest resort in Europe.

Looking up to the bright blue sky, Mark smiled with confidence as he posed for the risqué picture.

He captioned the post: ‘The Bachelor UK, next Monday 4th March 10 pm!! #bacheloruk #yolo #naked #plug #ch5 @val_thorens’


Mark has recently moved back to the UK after his job on the US show, Extra, speaking to The Sun he said that it ‘feels like the right time’ to return home and spend more time with his wife.

He said, ‘I’m no longer living in LA. I was there for nearly two years and had the most amazing time. It just feels like the right time to come back to the UK and live here with my wife and family…

His fans quickly praised the candid shot, but many of them were questioning the huge bulge at the front of his undies. One commented, “Can so tell there’s socks down there, either that or something is wrong down there, it looks like you are wearing a kids wet nappy”

While another added, “Wow that’s huge”.


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