Damon Truluck and Christopher Bryant from gay and lesbian online publication Polari magazine, attacked and mugged last night in London.

Writing on Facebook Bryant from PolariMagazine.com said,

“This is how my birthday ended. Pushed to the floor, kicked in the face by two guys as the other four went for Damon. “Stay down, f**king faggot”, one of them shouted….We spent 6 hours in hospital. Nothing broken, which is incredible as they kicked me in the face about 5 times. The police have been brilliant”.


The picture was uploaded to Polari Magazine’s facebook page and has already been shared 70 times, with over 98 comments made.

GayStarNews reports that the incident took place in South London’s Betts Park.

The attack happened around 12:30AM.


The homophobic beating happened just under a month after the Metropolitan Police released figures which revealed that reportings of anti-gay attacks had dropped significantly in the UK’s capital.

Police are still investigating the attack and are looking for suspects, however Bryant told TheGayUK that,

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‘They avoided all CCTV and were hard to see under the hoodies’.

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