Houses of parliament

It has been confirmed that a police officer and a woman have died following a “terror incident” in central London.

The woman, who has not yet been named died after being hit by a car on Westminster bridge. The car then crashed into railings. The car struck a number of people on the bridge leaving many with horrific injuries.


After the car hit the railings at least one man escaped and headed towards the Palace of Westminster. Police are cautious to confirm whether there was just one attacker. An investigation is under way.

The officer was stabbed by the attacker and died from the injuries despite first responder’s best efforts.

Westminster has become the latest European city to become the victim of a terrorist incident. Police in London confirmed that a “terror incident” in the area surrounding parliament has left at least three people dead and several people with “catastrophic injuries”.

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A car was driven at people on Westminster bridge, echoing an attack in Nice, France in July 2016.

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