The pressure is rising for Air France as a petition asking the airline to allow flight attendants who identify as gay to refuse travel to Iran reaches nearly 25,000 signatures.

Air France
CREDIT: Air France

A petition which is calling on Air France to allow its openly gay flight crews to refuse travel on a route to Iran is gathering momentum and has had over 24,000 signatures added to it.

Air France is due to recommence flights to Tehran in Iran which has left many of its gay flight attendants fearing for their lives and questioning what might happen to them after landing.






Mr. Laurent who created the petition called upon Air France/KLM to reconsider its ethical stance on sending gay flight attendants to Iran

“It is time again to show that Air France believes in ethics, not only for his public image. [But to] grant gay crew the right to refuse to go to a country where they could be killed for who they are.”


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TheGayUK reached out to Air France’s press team yesterday to ask whether they would acknowledge the petition and whether they will allow those who identify as gay to opt out of flights to Iran. They have yet to respond.

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