Serves 2
Prep 10 mins
Cook 40-60 mins (dependant on the size of your cauliflower)

The marinade for the roasted cauliflower is buzzing with Indian twangs; turmeric, cumin, curry powder, and lime fuse together to create some serious zing, which is then mellowed down by the natural yoghurt. This is a lovely, unusual side-dish to serve as part of an Indian themed meal. It also looks rather pretty. I like to serve the leftover marinade alongside the dish.

The marinade will keep in the fridge in an air-tight container for a few days which I then use as a dip for vegetable sticks, or you could also marinade some chicken breast pieces and skewer, placing under the grill until cooked through, for an Eastern style kebab. I like serving this side with my Lamb & Lentils, and a plain salad of vine tomatoes and cucumber.

CAULIFLOWER: This vegetable remained rather underrated for some time, but with 100g of cauliflower equating to 80% of your vitamin C intake, some are crowning cauliflower as the new kale. (SOURCE: ) Its popularity is probably at its peak when it is smothered in a cheese sauce alongside a Sunday roast. Cauliflower is also a good source of B-complex vitamins which are required for essential bodily functions, such as energy production. Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, a compound which has had results in killing cancer stem cells. (SOURCE;

TURMERIC: There has been much press coverage around turmeric and it’s benefits of late. Turmeric can rapidly increase the antioxidant capacity in your body. Turmeric contains curcumin which has been linked to prevention and possible treatment of cancer.

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In fact, research shows that the turmeric and cauliflower combination may help and treat prostate cancer. (SOURCE; )

LOW-FAT NATURAL YOGHURT: Yoghurt contains all nine essential amino acids, and is a good source of protein. Probiotics in yoghurt have a good influence on our immune system by promoting the activity of white blood cells. In the September 2012 edition of the, “European Journal of Cancer Prevention”, it was published that the volunteers who participated that consumed yoghurt regularly had up to a one-third less risk of developing upper digestive tract cancers. (SOURCE: )

1 cauliflower, outer leaves and root removed, washed
400ml low-fat natural yoghurt
1 tbsp olive oil
1 lime, zested & juiced
1 tbsp turmeric
1 tbsp mild curry powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp pepper
½ tsp salt

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Preheat your oven to 200c / 180c (fan) / Gas Mark 6

1. Line a baking tray with a piece of foil, and rub the olive oil all over.
2. Combine the yoghurt, all the spices, and lime zest/juice together.
3. Brush or smear the cauliflower in the marinade and sit in the baking tray.
4. Roast in the oven for 40-60 minutes depending on the size of your cauliflower. It should have turned golden and have a crispy outer crust. If time is an issue and your cauliflower isn’t quite as cooked as you’d like it, then place in the microwave for a couple of minutes to soften.

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