Day: 1 May 2017

  • 10 things you know as a gay guy in your 30s

    Shock horror younglings, gay men in their 30s do exist, I am one of them. And here is my helpful tongue in cheek guide to traversing the minefield of being classed as over the hill by anyone who’s under 25. 1. It creeps up on you faster than you think. When I was but a […]

  • Whoops… Did someone leak Will Young’s d**k pic?

    It seems as though Will Young’s d**k pics are out there – like he said, and someone might have just posted them. The singer only last week was saying that he was surprised that nobody had leaked his penis pics, in fact he said he was “amazed” that the pictures hadn’t surfaced considering how many […]

  • Russian LGBT activists round up by police as they demonstrated against persecution of gay men in Chechnya

    LGBT activists have been round up by Russian police after they demonstrated against the persecution of gay and bisexual men Chechnya. Around 10 gay-rights activists demonstrated in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city,  in solidarity with the gay men who have been detained, tortured and killed in the Russian republic of Chechnya. Police officers, dressed in riot […]

  • THE BIG GAY ELECTION | Weekly Roundup, Gay sex abound

    I know this was meant to be the “Brexit election,” but there have been more politicians talking about gay sex over the past two weeks than on Westminster Grindr. This election is quickly shaping up to be the gayest election in living memory – the Big Gay Election if you will. My goal over the […]

  • Vote for your favourite LGBT venue in the UK

    We want to know your favourite LGBT+ venue. It’s time to celebrate the UK’s LGBT bars, clubs, restaurants, saunas and hotels – so we’re asking you, our lovely readers to nominate your favourite businesses. There are five sections, you do not have to fill out all sections, just the venues you’re interested in nominating. Don’t […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Unhung Hero

    ★★★★★ | Unhung Hero When Patrick Moote proposed to his girlfriend on camera at a baseball game the video of her brusque rejection went viral on YouTube within days. It wasn’t the fact that he had been so unceremoniously dumped in public that upset him, it was the reason she gave for her refusal. It […]

  • 10 Things That Could Void Your Travel Insurance, just what will they pay for?

    With at least two “cover-all” opt-outs for insurance companies, just what are you paying Travel insurance for? Here are 10 reasons to pay more attention to the travel insurance small print Excessive alcohol consumption, failure to take recommended inoculations, reckless or illegal behaviour and travel paid for using loyalty schemes could all cost you dear […]

  • RECIPE | Spiced Whole Roasted Cauliflower

    Serves 2 Prep 10 mins Cook 40-60 mins (dependant on the size of your cauliflower) The marinade for the roasted cauliflower is buzzing with Indian twangs; turmeric, cumin, curry powder, and lime fuse together to create some serious zing, which is then mellowed down by the natural yoghurt. This is a lovely, unusual side-dish to […]

  • Top 10 albums which are total sex albums

    It’s the age old move to set the mood set for a bit of hot love making. The smooth movers amongst us, will already have a playlist on standby as soon as the bottle top has been popped and the lights have been set for the evening’s entertainment. Here are our TOP 10 albums to […]

  • Guy covers himself in Mentos and jumps in bath of coke

    It has to be seen to be believed. So, do you remember those experiments where they put Mentos in a bottle of diet coke and the whole thing explodes in a frothy climax – very much like us whilst listen to Bette Midler atop our unicorn. (Watch the original below) Well, this guy from Japan […]