Representation matters even in car parks

6th July 2018 0 By News Desk

Love love love this.

Up until now if you were looking for a car-parking space and you happened to be an LGBT+ parent your representation was ZERO. Now thanks to Volvo, Westfield has got a wide range of icon representations for all different family types. From Grandparents to single mums to gay dads.

The trial, conducted in partnership with Westfield London in Shepherds Bush where the new icons can be seen, aligns with the theme of Volvo’s TV advertising programme for the V60 – “The New Family Model”, which launches on 9 July. Over the years, the definition of family has evolved, hence the icons profile different examples of family within society, including same-sex couples, single parents and nuclear families.

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Mike Johnstone, Marketing Strategy Director, Volvo Car UK, said: “The introduction of the new V60 gives us the ideal opportunity to celebrate the modern family in all its guises. As the contemporary iteration of our mid-size family estate, the V60 perfectly reflects our human-centric approach to car design which aims to make its owners’ lives easier and safer.”