Supreme Rollerskates

If you’re looking for a fun way to tone up this Summer then check out the Supreme Rollerskates. You too can live the Miami Beach life, just remember to keep your eyes on the road!


Supreme Rollerskates

I haven’t been this excited since my first pair of yellow plastic clip-on-shoe rollerskates. I think every child I knew had a pair or at least tried every conceivable way to get their “borrowing” hands onto a pair of the classic 80’s skates. Twenty years later not much has changed. The Supreme Skates arrived in the office and everyone wanted to play with them first. However like any cunning kid knows the first to have them on will be king for the day, and I already had my foot in one! It did feel a little odd though wearing them under the desk rolling my feet back and forth waiting for the end of day bell to sound.

Finally the time came and I was off out the office and into our local park. There may have been a few Frank Spencer moments as I came to grips with my new toy, it had been a few years since my last skate after all. The sun was shining the ducks were lazily floating around the pond and I was flying around with the wind in my hair dreaming of a Miami beach front. Sadly our local park doesn’t seem to attract the well toned shirtless bronzed men but as I started to build up a sweat I though, yes, I could be the first, a few more sessions and I could be the king of this park.

I’m told they ‘burn 480 calories an hour’, (which on calculation mean I can have 4 glasses of wine), and ‘gives the rider a full body workout which will tone the buttocks, thighs and hips’. What more could you ask for? A fun way to workout the body, get fit and still have enough banked up calories for at least 1 glass.


Made from light weight playmaker plates with alloy trucks these skates are sturdy and offer great ankle support with a soft inner lining. They look great and made me feel very safe whilst skating. The only downside was the day after, when the muscles in the backs of my legs started to throb, though no pain, no gain. I look forward to becoming a regular skater down in the park, now where did I put my vest?

If you’re looking to be King of your park this Spring and Summer then visit where you can pick up a pair of boots & wheels for £99. Just keep out of my park, I’ve already bagsied it!