You know what they say about a man with large hands… He has large gloves. Well what if he has a large c**k? TheyFit condoms guarantee the perfect fit for your sized manhood.

People come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we have different sizes of clothes. So do their extremities, their hands and feet for instance, which is why shoes and gloves also come in different sizes. Unsurprisingly, c**ks also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes (I should know, I’ve seen plenty in my time), so it is rather perplexing to find that condoms come in one basic size. Even those labelled large, king size or magnum are hardly any different from standard ones. Bras, so I’m told, come in a very wide range of sizes, so why not condoms? This is a question Joe Nelson had been asking himself for some time, and so passionate was he about the subject that he left his nine year banking job with Goldman Sachs to found his custom made condom business, called They Fit. As Joe says, “The more I thought about it, the more crazy it was that fit wasn’t a consideration when it came to condoms. We wouldn’t suffer badly fitting shoes, or clothes, because fitting well and comfort go hand in hand.” TheyFit condoms come in 95 different sizes!

You’ll probably be thinking that latex stretches, so why do we need to be so specific about size? Well, let me tell you it doesn’t stretch nearly enough, and the fact that condoms tend to come in one standard size can be just as much a problem for guys with small dicks as guys with big ones. In fact a clinical study made in 2010 came to the conclusion that standard condoms don’t fit 45% of men; and apparently many of the marketing terms used on packaging are somewhat misleading. Large, extra-large, magnums or whatever aren’t significantly larger, extra safe or thin aren’t significantly thicker or thinner.

Joe’s a pragmatic kind of a guy. He accepts that bareback sex feels much better, and he is fortunate enough to have a wife with whom he can enjoy that, but, given the risks of bareback sex for most of us not in a relationship, then surely the best way to encourage people to use condoms is to make the experience as pleasurable as possible, and if you have a condom that actually fits your c**k, then a) you’ll find it a lot easier to get on (and not slip off), and b) you’ll enjoy the sex much more. Doubly important when a recent report estimates that one in twelve gay men in London is now HIV positive. I would assume that, for those active on the gay scene, the figure will be much higher.

So it is that I was given the enviable task of test driving Joe’s custom made condoms. First of all I had to measure my erect member (length and circumference) and enter the details on their website (they give you a simple guide to do this). This delivers a code for the size that fits you. When you get the condoms, no sizes are marked on them, just the code for the size you ordered. All very discrete and simple.

The condoms arrived and at first, I only had an opportunity to wank into one. I must admit it fit very nicely, but the real test would be getting down to business with a willing partner.

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At the weekend, I was fortunate enough to meet a sexy young guy out clubbing and we came back to my place for a night of fun. We made a very long session of it, and, not only did I get to try my new TheyFit condoms, but I also got to compare them with various regular condoms I had in my drawers. Well, I have to say they performed most impressively. Not only did they roll on more easily, they actually felt much more comfortable than the normal condoms I used, and, miracle of miracles, f**king did feel better. One small point, the packs were somehow easier to get into. I don’t know about you, but once my hands get covered in lube, I have a devil of a job opening condom packets. Is there any wonder people just give up in frustration?

I would definitely give them a try. They aren’t significantly more expensive than normal condoms, and, until the end of the month of March, the guys at TheyFit are giving you lucky TheGayUK readers a 50% discount on a 6 pack. Just apply the code TGUK when ordering.

Just go to their website and try them. Honestly, you won’t be disappointed. In fact TheyFit give you a money back guarantee. How’s that for confidence in your product?

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