Here’s our Top 3 Gin Guide for Spring 2019, with tasting notes and all. You’ll be a gin pro in no time.

It’s official April is here, spring is here and yes that’s right so is British Summer Time!

So now we get an extra hour of daylight each day, to indulge in all our spring debauchery. Now as much as we could be referring to what goes down on Hampstead Heath… We at THEGAYUK will try and keep our debauchery PG for now. Indeed we are talking about all the debauchery that goes down in beer gardens and parks across the nation. It’s time to swap the winter whiskey for a refreshing G&T and don’t worry if you don’t know your Hendrick’s from your Gordons, we’ve got your back. Here’s our Top 3 Gin Guide for Spring 2019, with tasting notes and all. You’ll be a gin pro in no time.


1. Harahorn Norwegian Gin

Yes, you did indeed read right, Scandinavians make gin! The first gin to be featured on the top list is our Norwegian entrant Harahorn gin. Named after the Harahorn mountain in Norway and depicting the ever daunting image of a hare with horns, this gin is definitely an all-around favourite. By far the smoothest gin in our list, Harahorn is definitely the one to go for if you’re new to the gin scene. It’s a simple but delightfully smooth gin, with a neutral palette. Pair with blueberries for a subtle berry infusion and a flower or two, you know for the aesthetic. After all, if it’s not on Insta did it even happen?

Recommended For: Anyone new to gin, who want a safe first dip into the gin pool.

Instagram @harahorngin

2. Blue Bottle Dry Gin

Second, on our list, is our Guernsey entrant Blue Bottle Dry Gin. Now, this gin is indeed something special and can safely be considered an artisanal masterpiece. The gin which is brewed in copper stills at the Three Fingers Distillery in Guernsey combines a mirage of botanicals to create a truly unique taste. This gin is definitely one for the seasoned gin lover. With their tagline “Look for beauty everywhere.”, it’s definitely a gin that you will keep you yearning for more. With new tastes and experiences awaiting you, at every sip.

We recommend serving with a slice of grapefruit, to truly explore the subtle taste notes of this gin. Floral in nature, the juniper is enhanced by the bitterness of the grapefruit and the subtle undertone of vanilla comes through. The result, a truly unique tasting experience that will definitely have gin lovers hooked.

Recommended For: The seasoned gin lover, who wants to experience something truly unique on the gin scene.

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Instagram @bluebottlegin

3. Conker Spirit RNLI Navy Strength Gin

Finally, the third and final entrant to our list is our English entry. Conker Spirit RNLI Navy Strength Gin hails from Dorset, England and is a gin that supports the life-saving work of the RNLI. The gin was created in partnership with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and for every bottle sold, £5.00 is donated to the charity, to support their lifesaving work. So you can enjoy a cheeky G&T while doing good, definitely a brand we can get behind! The gin itself is smooth and by far the sweetest gin in our list.

Similarly to the Blue Bottle Dry Gin, we’d recommend serving this one with grapefruit. The sharpness of the grapefruit will ground the sweetness of the drink. Creating a truly indulgent citrus palette for you to enjoy. Perfect on a sunny spring day in the park! If you also enjoy a neat whiskey in winter, try this beauty with a squeeze of grapefruit juice on the rocks. Rare we like neat gin but this one is an exception to the norm.

Recommended For: Those with a sweet tooth, who enjoy a sweet citrus kick.

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 Instagram @conkerspirit

So there we have it. You are now indeed prepared to enjoy that extra hour of spring sunshine and hit the bar/park to enjoy a freshly made G&T. Let us know your thoughts below if you get the chance to try one of our favourites above or if you think we missed any from the list. Enjoy the sun and experimenting with your new favourite gins!

Photography: Georgia Faid @georgiafaid

Edited by: Daniel Dvir @danieldvirhere

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