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Frankie Grande has a new man and he’s showing him off in the best way

Frankie Grande is back on the relationship wagon after splitting with his husband duo.

Frankie Grande is dating a hot man and is showing him off to all his 2 million fans on Instagram. The social media star took to Instagram to show off his new beau, who goes by the name of Hale Leon, by kissing him and introducing him as his boyfriend.

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The new boyfriend comes after Frankie split with his husband couple, Mike and Daniel at the beginning of the year.

The pair locked lips at Coachella, after Frankie’s sister’s (Ariana Grande) “triumphant set”. The pair kissed under a gigantic rainbow flag and Frankie described the moment as something he would “cherish forever”.


His new boyfriend, Hale is an app developer and according to his profile never touched alchol or drugs, which will fit right in with Frankie’s sober lifestyle.


Congrats guys!