★★★★★ | VAIN STHLM Originals In-ear Headphones

The packaging on these beauties is very reminiscent of Apple – from the beautiful tonal card outer, magnetic flaps covering information in sleek typography through to the copper coloured tin that holds the stunning earphones.

This is a product that has thought through all aspects, from the colour range on offer across the range to the fabric covered cord, from the copper agents on the buds themselves to the magnet that allows you to secure them around your neck and avoid tangles.

This is sleek, studied and stunning Scandi design at its best. But do they actually sound any good? The simple answer is yes, yes, yes!

These beauties come in several colours and I got my mitts on a pair in raw umber – think Armani greige and you get the picture. Subtle and understated design, but very on trend for all you fashionistas out there. The copper detailing on each bud makes them stand out from a crowded marketplace. If you’re looking to replace your apple buds, then these are ideal!

Having just invested in a new iPhone 6S, and trial access to Apple Music, now was the ideal time to take these babies for a test drive – and they didn’t disappoint. With the now expected built-in volume control and mic for those all important calls, this mirrors apples offering but has extra style and the ability to stop/start music.

They come with 3 sets of buds in different sizes to ensure a good, comfortable fit – unlike some others on the market, and they are very comfortable. As someone who travels a bit for work, I hate those hard plastic ear-buds that don’t feel secure or comfortable after a period of time, but these lovelies are perfect.
As for sound, they offer a deep, sexy bass with great treble and an excellent mid-range – I tried them with everything from Mariah through Madonna to Kylie, visiting some Will Young, Billie Holliday and Adele along the way – they handled it all with aplomb.
I know that most smartphones give you a pair of headphones with each handset, as do most tablets – but these buds work wonderfully with all of the above and I’m struggling to find anything that they could improve.

Sound – which is a good thing for earbuds
Design – gorgeous choice of colours and shape

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Driver : 11mm Dynamic Driver
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 16 Ω
Sensitivity: 107db @ 1kHz

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Price: £62.50 RRP
Currently available exclusively in Harrods, London and online via: 

The price may seem steep for ear-buds but these are a classy item, with quality built in. I’m rating these so highly because, after comparing them with the apple version, these little beauties stand out, for all the right reasons.
Our Rating: ★★★★★

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