REVIEWED | WE Festival – New Year’s Eve Madrid

WE Festival - New Years Eve Madrid

★★★★ | WE Festival

Madrid, Spain – this year for the New Year’s celebration my boyfriend, I and a few friends travelled to Spain to check out the WE New Years Eve Festival.

WE Festival - New Years Eve Madrid
CREDIT: Aaron Holloway

The WE circuit dance party is one of the biggest brands in the world, hosting parties in Spain, Germany, UK, and America. The party in Madrid is WE on its home turf. Madrid is known for its party lifestyle and the plethora of clubs the city offers makes it the perfect home for a week-long dance festival. We attended two of the parties, the Matinee theme night (Matinee has its home in Ibiza) and the main WE party on New Year’s Eve which was held at La Riviera, a massive club that could well be described as the home base of WE Madrid.

In true Spanish style, the clubs don’t get really going until around 1 am, but after that they are jam packed full of hot guys and occasionally girls looking to dance the night away. One thing can be said for the WE parties: they are excellently managed. The lines to get in are kept moving at a good pace so you’ve got more time to enjoy the party rather than stand outside, the coat check staff were quick and efficient, and the bars, which use a ticket system that I’m not personally a big fan of, were fast and the clubs are arranged to have lots of large bars so that you don’t spend most of your night waiting in line for a drink.

As is to be expected, the music is excellent and provided by some of the world’s best DJs including GSP and Phil Romano. On New Year’s Eve we were even provided with a couple of attractive hosts to help us count down to midnight when we partook in a glass of prosecco and the traditional 12 grapes on the strokes of midnight.

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Madrid is host to many excellent gay events, not only the WE New Years Festival but also the WE summer festival which happens during the Madrid Pride week.

In 2017 WE Festival is one of the sponsoring events at World Pride in Madrid at the end of June. Having attended Pride, or Orgullo to the locals, two years ago and having an excellent experience at both the clubs and pride events which take over the city’s gay area Chueca, one can be certain that World Pride hosted by Madrid is going to be one hell of a party. Keep an eye on their website for details and ticket sales.

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Aaron attended the WE New Years Festival as a guest of WE Party Group

About the author: Aaron Holloway
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