RuPaul's Drag Race: As Sparkling As It's Always Been

RuPaul’s Drag Race: As Sparkling As It’s Always Been

RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11 Episode 1 Review

There are spoilers…

With the new series of Drag Race coming hot on the heels of the last season of All Stars many people predicted that it would show signs of fatigue.

It didn’t.

It is clear to see why: though the format may be the same no season is truly the same because of the Queens.

Every season has such a huge array of different voices, looks and personalities it’s never the same and always surprising. Already I am hooked on the story-line of Silky Nutmeg Ganache: can she keep up her amplified personality or will it be her downfall. If she does, how long will it take till the other girls snap?!

Another hook is the return of “Miss Vanjie”, she’s already had me laughing out loud at times. She’s also grown a lot in style over the year. A great move to bring her back.

But what mattered most is wondering: will Ra’Jah’s earrings stay on?! (They didn’t …)

Meanwhile all the other Rugirls all seem to have interesting personalities and stories as well, with a lot of them coming from the House of Davenport – they seem specialized in turning out fabulous!! The House of Edwards are hot on their heels, though, with new additions Plastique Tiara bringing her best game to the show.

The house of Montrese sadly didn’t do so well in this first episode.

After appearing a bit lackluster at times during All Stars 4 it was good to see RuPaul appearing more like her usual self this time round. There was the twinkle, the naughty smiles and all the high energy quick fire jokes we’ve come to love. Her catwalk was as fabulous as always.

The first challenge is, as is traditional: a photo-shoot challenge – this one with a twist. The new girls have to direct themselves in a photo-shoot with some legendary Drag Race alumina, including some big fan favorites and even winners. It is great to see the more seasoned Queens being so helpful and kind to the younger ones. Adore Delano simply living her best life and having some genuine fun being an absolute highlight.

It is really amazing to see how the makers try to keep the first sewing runway challenge fresh; outfits inspired by past queens is a marvelous new twist.

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Then there was Miley Cyrus entering as a drag king and proving herself to be an absolute delight.

She was unafraid to be fun with the Queens and gave them some advice that actually made sense and worked. She was also kind as a judge on the runway. A lot of guests try to outdo the regular judges, and often end up upsetting the contestants. Miley actually knowing and loving the Drag scene made her critiques all the better for it. (I do think poor Nina West not immediately ending up in the sing off after nine-years of auditioning is mostly due to her.)

Then the runway itself: well, it seems a lot of those queens have learned by now that knowing how to sew is essential, there were no absolutely excruciating outfits or things falling off this time.

Still, the moment Brooke Lynn Hytes appeared on the catwalk in her Detox inspired look it was clear she was a winner. Her outfit looked glamorous as well as professional as well as unique. She hit a deserved home run with all the judges.

Oh, but poor Soju!! Yes, her outfit was the weakest and she clearly failed the sing off but my heart breaks for her. Seeing her Untucked goodbye it was clear she put herself under far too much pressure; She felt she had to both represent Korea as well as pave the way for other Korean LGBTQ youth. She felt she had failed all of them. She was also suffering from tendinitis and had burst a cyst on a very unfortunate place on her way to the show. This poor Queen deserves a rematch next year.
Bless Vanjie for leaving her such a lovely note.

With all queens seemingly talented in the entertainment department next weeks acting challenge looks to be great!!
Can’t wait!! See you all soon.
Or in Soju’s words:

“I love all of you cysters! Have fun ❤ Soju”

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RuPaul’s Drag Race continues weekly on Netflix

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