Rylan and Scherzinger – Claws Out!


Or maybe not.

Good old Rylan Clark has spoken out over reports that American superstar Nicole Scherzinger made rather nasty comments about him on this Saturday’s Jonathan Ross Show.

Although thankfully, the X Factor star took to Twitter to state that he and his former mentor Scherzinger are still very much “besties”.

Scherzinger apparently claimed that Clark has become a “monster” now that he has found success, according to Entertainmentwise.

She told chat show host, Ross:

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“I’ve reached out to Rylan a few times. He had that show and I tweeted about him, [I] wanted people to vote for him.

“He must be really busy because I’ve tried to hit him up a couple of times, and I was like, ‘Hey. Come to my show this weekend, G-A-Y’ and he’s like, ‘Sorry, got a gig in Ireland’.

“Then I hit him up before and he’s kind of an Essex diva. I’ve created a monster. I found a pair of gorgeous sparkly balls, cufflinks. I was like, ‘These are perfect for Rylan’. So I gave them to him for Christmas and I never even heard back.”

Although since reports of the rift, Clark seemingly having none of it has contacted “Scherzy” to address the issue.

He recently posted:

“Just spoke to SCHERZY about tonight’s Jonathan Ross, what she said was in a joke way! Thanks for all your messages but were [sic] still besties xx

“You won’t break us that easily! And she knows I loved my sparkly Xmas prezzie. Love u xx.”


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Thankfully it all seems to be a sort of misunderstanding.

Drop me out!

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