The Non-Binary Sam Smith star took posted a topless picture saying that the sun was healing… and people are loving the positivity.

So 2020 hasn’t gotten off to a great start – with the threat of WWIII and the Australian Bush fires raging but some are finding comfort in Sam Smith’s timeline.

In a recent post, the star admitted that despite hiding their* body away from the sun, that it felt good to “have my top off on holiday

* Sam Smith uses they, them and their pronouns.


Holding what looked to be a cheeky cocktail in a bright pink glass the “How Do You Sleep” hitmaker posted a topless picture and captioned it, “Feels so good to have my top off on holiday. Spent all my life hiding my body from the sun. The last year my skin has been soaking in that LIGHT. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from feeling that kiss from above you beautiful humans”

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Fans instantly took to Twitter to gush over the “self love and confidence” the star had shown in sharing the picture.

One fan did warn Sam though “But remember to wear sunblock Sam. At least SPF15 but probably 20 or even 30 in hot climates”