Jaguar has been busy of late with two launches over the past month of two cars. The first was of the XF Sportbrake. An important car in the burgeoning luxury estate segment. Now hot on its heels is yet a car probably more important, the smaller SUV brother of the F Pace, the E Pace.

The launch was a spectacle of celebrities and journalists from all walks of life. Jaguar wants everyone to know about this car. Fact that the E Pace hit the world records even before anyone got to see it, demonstrates the big push to let you know about E Pace. It did a 15.3-meter barrel roll with a 270-degree roll. A feat no other “production” car has achieved. Sadly due to health and safety, we were not able to see this being performed. Instead, we had Pete Tong. I’m not complaining.

If this car doesn’t entice you away from the Audi Q range, BMW X range and Mercedes confusing GL range then I do not know what Jaguar have to do to do so. This is a car to make the Germans worried. This E Pace is a car that is going to cause a lot of upset in the SUV market. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

First up it is cheap. I don’t mean that in a detrimental way to Jaguar because the car itself is anything but when you feel the quality. I got speaking to a consultant for Jaguar who told me that prices were to start from around £28,500 for the base S model to £41,450 for the HSE (all before options) while the most popular model will retail for around £33k. For a Jaguar that almost seems like chicken feed money when you look at the small SUV market. This is a more than a premium car, a Jaguar is prestige!

It’s the enticing that it will do in the showrooms. Design chief for the E Pace, Ian Callum, and his team have done a fantastic job in making this smaller Pace look even better than the F Pace it complements in the range. In doing so they have made a car that will appeal to many markets and importantly, young professionals of every kind. If there is one thing the E pace lacks it’s going to be the smell of the boardroom and a golf club. Not that you can’t get golf clubs in the back, it’s that you can get more in there without trying. Think of a sport, any sport. Think of the gear you need and double it. It’ll fit in the E Pace.

The kit is impressive too. It has the usual large touch screen and power ports for devices around and the ability for up to 8 devices to stream the internet via its own 4g hotspot. Air, leather etc are pretty much standard with options available for upgrades of the furnishings.

Air, leather etc are pretty much standard with options available for upgrades of the furnishings.

Available with 2wd or 4wd. 4wd will be the bigger seller for sure. The computer keeps track of the power to wheels every 10 milliseconds with the ability to transfer it to the wheel that needs it most thus keeping you where you should be.

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2-litre engines options in petrol and diesel range from 147 to 197bhp with 0-60 times ranging from just under 10 seconds to 6 seconds depending on engine and spec. Add to this the usual choice of a practical wheel to rubber size to thin banded rubber and blinging alloys and the options list starts getting bigger.

This ladies and gentlemen is E for excitement at Jaguar.

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