Something very pleasurable awaits you with the new vibrating sex toy, Pulse, which some are calling the ultimateguybrator.

Despite looking like some kind of futuristic Star Trek comms unit, the Pulse, will, without doubt, drive you nuts.

Apparently, there’s a lot of science to back up why, essentially a vibrating cock ring, will drive you mad with pleasure, but who cares – just put it on and find out for yourself.

You can use with or without lube and the unit has multi speeds – so you can control how much vibration you get.

Unlike other masturbators the Pulse is cleverly very usable and simple to get used to – and thanks to its open top design requires a lot less cleaning and drying out compared to other products.


It can be used solo or together – however the sharing option with this toy is most probably for a man/woman combo rather than a man on man experience- as the woman gains pleasure from the vibrating Pulseplate on the outside of the unit, which another just wouldn’t

The unit retails for £69 and is rechargeable via a USB connection.

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